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Phrenology Sound Totem Branding / Bespoke custom speakers

Logo, branding and guidelines for Phrenology Series 1.0 Sound Totem, a Hi-Fi speaker that delivers sound in the most authentic way whilst simultaneously challenging the established codes of speaker design. Created to be appreciated by an enlightened and discerning community of audio and culture philes. 

Combining the correct acoustic combination of drivers with a modern sculptural form, Craftwork studio undertook hundreds of hours of sound testing to measure the fidelity of sound reproduction and frequency performance to ensure a peerless quality of sound. The Phrenology Series 1.0 Sound Totem is lovingly handcrafted in the UK using only the finest components. Intricate marquetry of wood and mother of pearl seamlessly envelop the Sound Totem creating visual continuity to be appreciated in its’ entirety. 

We worked with Craftwork director Mehrnoosh Khadivi on a visual language including a bespoke set of icons and users manual.

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